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Valde Modular Reception Desk


Circles. Lines. Angles. A form to suit your needs. Valde.

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Modern Reception Desk - Valde - MDD     Curvilinear Reception Desk - MDD - Valde

Modular Reception Desk - Valde - MDD     Illuminated Reception Desk - Valde - MDD

Curved Reception Desk - MDD - Valde     Colorful Reception Desk - Valde - MDD

Linear Reception Desk - Valde - MDD     Reception Desk Storage - Valde - MDD

High-End Reception Desk - Valde - MDD     Receptionist Station - Valde - MDD

Modern Reception Counter - MDD - Valde     Modern Salon Desk - Valde - MDD

Modern Reception Furniture -     Modern Front Desk - Valde -

Angled Reception Desk - MDD - Valde -     Vibrant Reception Furniture - - MDD

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Valde Modular Reception Desk

 by MDD

The most versatile reception system at Modern Reception, the Valde Modular Reception Desk offers businesses large and small a comprehensive and scalable solution. Integrating several modules with a fusion of materials and finishes, Valde empowers the designer to incorporate a productive and striking piece of furniture into any lobby, reception area, office or customer service environment. Offered with a myriad of linear, angled and curvilinear modules, this reception system may be configured to respond to special conditions and requirements.

On the approach, valued clients and guests are greeted with a streamlined welcoming using an appointment of eye-catching glossy hues or statement-making wood tones. These attractive finishes are accented and showcased by LED lighting smartly positioned under the transaction surface and base of the desk.

The Valde Modular Reception Desk employs a fusion of quality materials for both durability and aesthetics:

Its work surface and some side panels are made of Melamine (MFC), a dense particle board vastly employed in the design & construction of office furniture. It is used for its durability, stability and long-lasting form. Valde's front and other side panels are finished in High Pressure Laminate (HPL). This covering is used due to its ability to withstand the daily wear and tear associated with furniture in public spaces. The laminate is fire retardant and contains antibacterial traits to promote office cleanliness. The reception desk's transaction counter is of Melamine and Lacobel Glass. Atop a Melamine base, a pane of Lacobel glass, a tempered and painted glass, is secured. The glass lends to a smoother and more durable surface on which to conduct business. As a decorative inlay around the desk, PVC is employed. Waist-high and acting like a bumper to protect itself from belt buckles and contact of the like, it is finished in aluminum.

A functional welcoming piece, the Valde Modular Reception Desk offers just as much on the working side as it does on the approach. With the ability to add shelving and cabinetry components, in addition to those built into the end panel blocks, attendants are able to work in an organized environment with all necessities at their fingertips. Adding to the organization and cleanliness of the piece, the use of monitor shelving may be elected. Grommets have been installed  and cable trays and ducts made available to assist in the management of computer and telephone related wires.


  • Fascia offered in bold high gloss colors or wood tones
  • Linear, Angled and Curvilinear Modules
  • Composed of Melamine, PVC, High Pressure Laminate & Lacobel Glass
  • Pastel White Supporting Structure
  • Fascia offered in high gloss white, orange, lime, red, yellow, fuchsia, Canadian oak or chestnut
  • Lower transaction surfaces may be integrated into the ends or center
  • Additional shelving and cabinetry offered
  • Cable-Ways incised into work surfaces for Wire Management
  • Made in Poland. Lead time of eight to ten weeks
  • Pricing starts at $1,920


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The Valde Modular Reception Desk provides a solution for a wide range of commercial spaces. With linear, angled or curvilinear configurations, Valde is certain to respond to a myriad of customer service environments and other lobby and reception areas.