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Modern Office Reception Desks

A reception desk has the ability to form your customer or guest's perception of your business or organization - and let's face it: Their perception is your reality. The reception solutions at Modern Reception help you speak about your business using the non-communicative symmetry of clean lines or sensual curves. By having a clean, updated, functional and welcoming lobby or entry area, you're telling your potential customer that you are trendy, stylish and competent and the backside of these office reception desks help you be just that.

A sleek and linear piece of office lobby furniture, the linea modern reception system uses stunning colored glass in unison with a stylish light strip to stand out from the crowd. This popular modular system is idyllic for any public space. Offered in several glass and counter top finishes.
Pricing starts at $1,984
The zig zag illuminated reception counter is a modular administrative system that offers a simple combination of elements and may be reconfigured to respond to customer service environments large and small. White with colored illumination.
Pricing starts at $4,925.

Offering linear, angled and curvilinear configurations with a wide finish range, the valde modular reception desk answers responds to the special conditions and requirements of companies both large and small. An illuminated reception system, valde welcomes valued clients with sophistication, organization and style.
Pricing starts at $1,924.

Receptionist Desk - Zen - MDD
A compact piece, the zen receptionist desk is a solution for smaller reception or customer service areas and office entrances. Illuminated on the inside and out, zen promotes task achievement while maintaining an elegant and modern aesthetic. Two finish options.
Pricing starts at $2,880.
Salon Reception Desk - Foro - MDD

Embracing clean lines and bold color, the foro salon reception desk adds modernity and organization to any lobby or reception area. Using under-desk storage and multiple cable-ways for wire management, this piece of office furniture is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Offered with two base and four fascia colors. Left or right return. Pricing starts at $2,880.
Reception Counter - Arctic Summer - MDD

Using its abstract design, the arctic summer reception counter embraces the simplicity synonymous with modern design. An illuminated fascia, offered in four colors back lights the desk's frontal design. Boasting to grommets for wire management and a large work space, this piece is ideal for any well-appointed public space. Finishes may be customized upon request.
Pricing starts at $7,520.

Small Reception Desk - Ovo - MDD
Boasting an oval-shaped work and reception surface, the ovo small reception desk meets the demands of small customer service environments and work spaces. Complete with shelving unit, this piece of office furniture allows for a clean and organized aesthetic. Offered with two privacy wall finishes.
Pricing starts at $1,584.
Modular Reception Desk - Wave - MDD

The wave modular reception desk offers a simple combination of elements that benefits many businesses - large and small. A laminate and melamine based system, with linear and curved modules, wave tenders a plethora of work space for task completion on the working side. A grommet for cable control is incised into the top and optional shelving is offered. Available in four high-gloss colors.
Pricing starts at $1,277.
Modern Reception Desk - Organic - MDD

A bright way to receive your clients and guests, the organic reception desk is an illuminated transaction counter befitting any well-appointed office or lobby space. Expertly finished in white with an illuminated light box tendering an organically-shaped design, this lobby desk is unique and trendy. Four-color illumination.
Pricing starts at $1,472.

Modern Reception offers trendy and functional reception desks, salon desks, transaction counters and other reception area furniture befitting well-appointed contemporary working spaces. At you request, each front desk reception system may be customized to the needs of your business. Contact us for general inquiries, custom pieces or to place your order.

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