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Today's office positions demand more than ever. With a functional and ergonomic work environment in which to work, these contributors are easily able to perform their multi-tasking duties with ease and increased performance and overall well-being. At Modern Reception, our focus is creating an environment for contemporary spaces that aligns with a company's image and focus. Through a range of executive desks, work desk systems, benching systems and conference tables, we're able to assist in accomplishing a modern office that serves both its staff and clients through aesthetic and functionality.

Modern Office Furniture Set - Impuls - MDD

Encouraging a collaborative and communicative work environment, the impuls modern office furniture set boasts low sight lines and a minimalist styling. The executive desk, offered with a glass or melamine top, is complemented by a range of storage and conferencing components of the like composition. A high-tech and streamlined office environment that obviates office decor: IMPULS
Pricing starts at $880.
Modern Office Collection - Crystal - MDD
A modern office collection, crystal embraces functionality while adding a designer element to any contemporary work environment. A glass and melamine-based system, this grouping of furniture boasts a range of storage solutions and conferencing components ready to meet the demands of today's electronic office.
Pricing starts at $1,280.
Sit Stand Office Desk - Drive - Modern Reception
Ergonomic and befitting any contemporary office space, the drive sit stand office desk system allows its user the benefit of an adjustable height desktop. Relieving lower back pain associated with the long-term sitting position, this modern office desk system adds functionality and health to the workday while preserving a clean, modern aesthetic. Acoustic panels allow for work space division and privacy.
Pricing starts at $1,430.

Executive Desk & Office - Mito - Modern Reception

The mito executive desk & suite offers today's management personnel a functional working environment. With a concentration of clean lines and a mixture of finishes, mito achieves a streamlined aesthetic while preserving functionality. Ergonomic, this executive desk is offered with sit and stand function and many complementary storage and conference pieces.
Pricing starts at $1,264.
A marriage of traditional styling and contemporary accentuation and function, the status office desk system is a collection of office furniture ideal for a plethora of working environments. Ergonomics meets economics as this office grouping is priced to accommodate the budget of large-scale projects. Offered in three finishes.
Pricing starts at $1,040.
Executive Desk Set - Quando - MDD
An economical office set, the quando executive office set treats the eye to clean lines ornamented with a distinctive, decorative aluminum detail. Offered in three stunning finishes, this office set is simple, elegant and functional perfectly matching modern interiors of minimalist styling.
Pricing starts at $592.

Workstation Range | OGI_A | Modern Reception
This workstation series boasts a clean, uninhibited aesthetic. Linear and radial desktops may be joined together to form a collaborative work environment, while acoustic panels add individuality and a pop of color to the space. Offered with a full range of conferencing and storage components. Technologically savvy, the ogi_ workstation range also manages integrated electrical components with ease.
Pricing starts at $335.


Modern Reception offers trendy and functional executive office desks, work desk systems and benching systems, all befitting well-appointed contemporary office areas. At you request, each modern desk or bench may be customized to the needs of your business with several configurations, storage elements and conferencing solutions. Contact us for general inquiries, custom pieces or to place your order.

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