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Mito Executive Desk Suite


A collection of contemporary office furniture befitting the most discerning.

Mito Executive Desk Suite

 by mdd

Executive Office Furniture | Mito | Modern Reception


In response to the ever-changing demands of today's executive, the Mito Executive Desk Suite, designed by Italian architect Simone Bernocchi, offers a plethora of options to create an efficient and aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic work space. Born in Cremona, Italy, Bernocchi graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan with a major in architecture and still believes that being an architect is one of the most exciting professions in the world - a belief that inspired the design on Mito.

Mito is made in Poland and requires an eight to ten week lead time.
Sit Stand Desk - Adjustable Height - Modern Reception


A versatile piece, the executive desk of the collection may be requested with sit - stand capabilities. With a concentration on improving productivity and health, the desk may be raised and lowered at the push of a button, allowing you to sit when convenient and stand when you feel back stress or would simply like another angle from which to work. The function employs a super soft start and stop mechanism using two synchronized motors with microprocessor control and thermal sensor adjusting the height from 29 7/8" - 81 1/8".

3D Synchronous Texture Technology | Modern Reception


In order to make the surfaces of the Mito Executive Desk Suite most authentic, the employment of 3D Synchronous Texture was used. Rendering both the wood pattern and the surface texture using cutting edge technology, the effect of noble matte veneer is highlighted by the glossy pores on the melamine surface. Inspired by the natural coloration of sycamore, one would be hard-pressed to find the difference.

Complete Modern Office Solution

Modern Conference Table | Mito | MDD


As a complete executive office collection, the Mito Executive Desk Suite offers a range of tables and worktops that coordinate with the collection's other work components. Conference tables, occasional tables and task tables are all available with like finishes, providing your office a complete and functional solution.
Leather Desk Pad | Mito | Modern Reception


For most, the days of worrying about excess ink dripping from the fountain pen are over. But for a select few who embrace office traditionalism, the Mito Executive Desk my be fitted with a leather blotter. The striking contrast in color, material and texture whisper affluent class and offer its user a softer surface on which to write.

Managerial Storage Credenza | Mito | Modern Reception


Because the responsibilities of today's executive are ever-growing, it is important to stay organized in order to streamline daily tasks. In addition to a full range of storage components, Mito responds to this need with the offering of a managerial storage credenza that may be attached to the executive desk. Keeping important tools at arm's reach for access at a moment's notice, will help the user be efficient and more productive.

Modern Office Storage | Mito Executive Desk Suite | MDD
Integrated Electrical Access | Mito Executive Desk Suite | Modern Reception


The technological demands of today's workplace are growing rapidly. In order to provide a current and up-to-date office solution, the Mito Executive Desk Suite makes top access panels available. At your discretion, these panels may be incised into the managerial storage unit and conference tables of the collection. This promotes an organized and functional solution for electrical, computer, telephone and conferencing equipment.
White Office Storage Cabinet | Mito | Modern Reception

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The Mito Executive Desk Suite is an ideal collection of office furniture befitting the most demanding managerial spaces. Offered with several components, this office grouping is appropriate for both small and large contemporary offices and work environments.