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Impuls Modern Office Furniture Set


Because sometimes less really is more.

Impuls Modern Office Furniture Set

 by mdd

Modern Minimalist Office Desk | Impuls | Modern Reception


A conceptual office suite, the Impuls Modern Office Furniture Set combines sleek materials, stunning finishes and an openness that's conducive to creating a streamlined and collaborative work space. Boasting low sight lines to inspire communication within the office, Impuls and its components encourage efficiency and transparency. With its subtle detailing, this office furniture set is ideal for a minimalist setting and obviates office decor and spirit.

Modern Office Desk with Extension | Status | MDD


The cornerstone of this modern office set is the Impuls Executive Desk. Befitting the most discerning taste, this work component may be requested, at your discretion, with a desktop of white or black tempered glass or melamine finished in black, white or your choice between two wood tones. In contrast to or in unison with its work surface, the aluminum frame, on which the desktop sits, may be finished in high gloss white or black. Presenting themselves in each corner, between the leg and desktop, decorative chrome plated accents divide the piece without affecting the minimalist approach.

A versatile executive desk, Impuls may be ordered with a desk extension to achieve an angled, "L"-shaped configuration. Adding to its flexibility and functionality, the option of a modesty panel and/or vertical cable organizer is available to you.

Modern Office Desk | Status | Modern Reception


It is vital in today's workplace to offer technological access and organization. The digital and electric needs of your firm may be streamlined and accessed through mediaboxes that are offered with those pieces composed of melamine. This top access panel allows users to plug and play at a moments notice - whether working alone or in collaboration with other team members in a conferencing environment.

Complete Modern Office Solution

Contemporary Conference Table | Status | Modern Reception


In keeping its promise to create a collaborative work space, the Impuls Modern Office Furniture Set offers a modular conference table of rectangular shape. Sized to your needs, this contemporary conference table boasts the same clean aesthetic and finishing options. Offered with top access panels to accommodate electronic needs for those choosing a worktop of melamine.
Integrated Electrical Access | Status Office Desk System | Modern Reception

Made in Poland
Lead time of eight to ten weeks

Managerial Storage Cabinet | Status | Modern Reception


As a complete modern office solution, the Impuls Collection makes available several options for storage. Offered in the like finishes and solid or glass doors at your discretion. The wide range of storage options includes: mobile file pedestals, credenzas, bookshelves and other upright cabinetry. Consistent with the minimalist approach of the collection, it even denies the use of handles by employing "push-to-open" door operation.

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The Impuls Modern Office Furniture Set was designed with a collaborative spirit. Using clean lines and a desire for a working team to communicate clearly in a comfortable and ergonomic setting, this set of modern office furniture came to fruition.