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Drive Sit-Stand Office Desk System


A modern office desk system that has its ups and downs - in a good way, of course.

Sit-Stand Office Desk | Drive | Modern Reception


An ergonomic workplace solution, the Drive Sit-Stand Office Desk System allows its users to maximize productivity while making their work environment healthier and more efficient.


A melamine and steel system, this sit-stand desk provides a sturdy surface on which to work. The melamine desktop is offered in four stunning finishes that coordinate with a contemporary office environment. The top features a slide mechanism used to easily access under-desk wiring. For additional cable management, you may elect grommets or a top access portal for accommodation of computer and telephone equipment. Additionally, the grommets may be used to install acoustic paneling for added privacy and the division of work surfaces.


The frame on which the desktop is secured is composed of steel and powder coated in one of two complementary colors. Its design allows for uninhibited leg space and comfort adding to the ergonomics of the office desk.

Adjustable Height Desk | Drive | Modern Reception


An electric adjustable height desk, Drive may be used in a sitting or standing position without compromising functionality and space. The ability to stand while working lessens lower back stress and promotes higher energy levels and a higher level of concentration.

The Drive Desk may be adjusted to accommodate its user with a height between 25 5/8" to 51 1/8" for maximum ergonomics and productivity.

Work Station Cable Management | Drive | Modern Reception


Keeping up with the technological advances of today's modern office, Drive offers cable management options to connect and organize. This office desk system may be equipped, at your discretion, with a top access panel, grommets, an under-desk cable tray or vertical cable duct. These complementary components make working in a current office setting a breeze.

Furthering its commitment to technology, Drive is also offered with a keyboard tray and CPU holder.
Office Acoustics Management |  Drive | Modern Reception


Offered in a wide variety of colors and materials, this sit-stand office desk system includes acoustic panels and partition walls. An excess of noise in the workplace has been proven to reduce a worker's productivity. With Drive's acoustic solutions, a communicative environment is sustained while the office's background noise is controlled, creating a balance of collaboration and privacy.

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The Drive Sit-Stand Office Desk is an ergonomic solution for contemporary office environments. With its electric adjustable height capability, it promotes overall health and productivity without sacrificing a clean, modern aesthetic.