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The Reception Desk.
by Modern_Reception on 

Reception desks allow a business to speak to a potential client without uttering a single word. Through this first, non-verbal conversation, one will start to form an opinion about the company, its values and competence level. Because of this, it is vital to an organization to present itself in an organized and concise manner through its design and overall aesthetic appeal.Modern Reception Desk | Valde | Modern Reception

It is all too common that reception desks become a dumping ground for stacks of paper, wires, cables, magazines and books. When this happens, the organization leaves the potential client with a feeling of disorganization, confusion and incompetence. It is important to keep these necessary elements out of the customer’s view. To do so, the reception desk should tender a height low enough not to impede the sight line to the receptionist, but high enough to conceal any “working elements” of the business. A modern reception desk, such as the Valde by MDD, can accomplish this feat. With configurations that offer both high and low work / transaction surfaces, sight lines may be preserved while the tools needed to receive the individual are concealed.

Awesome Aesthetic.
To identify the appropriate styling of the reception desk and its surround, it’s important to identify the mindset of the business as well as the potential client. Does the organization conduct itself with a serious approach like that of a law firm? If so, perhaps a textured appearance combined with contemporary functionality will best convey the organization’s message. In contrast, a spa or beauty salon may consider a high-gloss finish that will capture the essence of the business’s style and innovation. Either way, the potential consumer will be able to, through the space’s aesthetic, draw a definite opinion about the company and its abilities.

Material Things.
When considering the purchase of a reception desk, it is vital to consider the materials from which it is made. Modern reception furniture can get pricey, so it’s important to ensure that the business’s investment is one that will pay off for years to come. Think about the potential number of people who will have contact with the reception desk – leaning, writing, scuffing. In order for the piece to last, it must be constructed of high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Many modern reception desks at Modern Reception offer thick, tempered glass and PVC “bumpers” to combat everyday use and prolong the life of the piece.

A Modern Reception.

At Modern Reception, we offer a myriad of options for all contemporary businesses – small and large. Through our modular systems, you are able to achieve a variety of sizes and configurations to best suit your space. Through quality materials and the latest commercial design elements, we are equipped to help you receive potential clients in a stylish and functional manner. Browse our modern reception desks and start building your future.

High Gloss Illuminated Reception Desk | Modern Reception

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Splashes of Receptive Color
by Modern_Reception on 

Your reception area is the first opportunity that your organization has to make a lasting impression on a potential client, guest or customer. Because of this, much thought must be given to the message you're initially trying to send about your company. Does your organization convey a serious tone like that of a bank, accounting firm or financial planning office? Or, is it important to the company's image that the message of progression, style and modernity come across as with tech. companies, salons, gyms or boutique hotels?Orange Reception Desk | Modern Reception

Whether your firm is serious or fun, the colors that you employ play an important role. In business, a psychological approach to color is used to best position the organization so that it achieves the desired response of the prospective client. Here are a few colorful points on the emotions colors evoke that may help you in selecting the best color scheme for your space:

Yellow: Optimism, Clarity & Warmth. By using yellow in your reception area's color scheme, you are sending an optimistic and warm message. Yellow brightens up a space and increases the feeling of openness.

Orange: Friendliness, Cheerfulness & Confidence. Orange within the lobby area conveys a fun, friendly and cheerful environment. It builds confidence about the organization with the client and creates an environ that the guest enjoys being in.

Red: Excitement, Youthfulness & Boldness. A great color for new companies looking to make an impact, a pop of red conveys that you're company is cutting edge with a bold, hip approach.

Purple / Pink: Creative, Imaginative. Purple and pink hues are ideal for companies that rely on their creativity and imagination to do their work. Salons, galleries and tech. firms are able to convey their outside-the-box approaches with these colors and create an exciting and expressive environment to boot.

Blue: Trust, Dependability & Strength. If your company's model depends on building long-term relationships, you may want to consider blue hues (think A.D.T. Home Security). Blues convey a message of stability and a level of trustworthiness.

Green: Peacefulness, Growth & Healthiness. The color green is associated with a peaceful environment (maybe we think about rolling hills of grass?). For businesses whose client is turning to them for well-being, green is an idyllic color. Spas, massage parlors and the like can create a tranquil space with the employment of this color.

Grey: Balance & Calmness. A neutral color, grey evokes feelings of stability and balance. By using this color in conjunction with one above, the true message you care to convey will be reflected impeccably.

Now armed with an important tool in deciding on color for your or your client's firm, you may want to check out some reception desks and lounge furniture that is sure to make an impact!

Yellow Reception Desk | Modern Reception

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